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  • Gallaudet Research Institute (Gallaudet U., USA)
    [Research mainly on human deafness, from a university that specializes in education of deaf students.]
  • GEOSTAT - Geospatial and Statistical Data Center (U. Virginia, USA)
    [The GEOSTAT maintains a collection of numeric data distributed through the US Depository Library Program, the Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR), and various international government organizations, as well as data from non-governmental surveys such as the National Health and Social Life Survey. Also links to other sites.]
  • Getty Information Institute (Los Angeles, USA)
    [Information about the institute; its conferences, workshops, and projects; searchable Cultural Information Databases, Los Angeles Culture Net.]
  • Global Campus
    [A California State University project containing a variety of outstanding educational materials such as images, sounds, text, and video to be used for nonprofit, educational purposes.]
  • Globewide Network Academy (MIT, USA)
    [A searchable catalog of over ten thousand courses and degree programs. In the catalog, you can submit a free basic listing as well as post an advertisement. You can also buy books on distance learning, browse an electronic newsstand, and find out about technical support services for distance educators such as discussion forums, mailing lists, databases forums for online MOO help, and links to resources offered by others.]
  • Government, Law and Society (Carnegie Mellon U., USA)
    [The intent of the site is "to integrate political contexts into common reading practices, to show the impact of politics on daily life" and to "enable readers to find connections with peoples around the world who live under the global socioeconomic system which affects us all." A part of The English Server offering topically organized links to online information about USA politics, law, and civic virtues.]
  • Gutenburg, Project
    [E-text transcription project. The idealistic goal has been to complete a trillion e-text files by December 31, 2001. (10,000 x 100,000,000 = trillion) Having become an electronic hot potato or an albatross, the Project seems to have landed at a commercial site.]
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  • Harvard Business School (Harvard U., USA)
    [Program information for one of the largest and most successful business schools.]
  • Harvard-MIT Data Center (Harvard U. and MIT, USA)
    [A repository of quantitative social science data. The majority of the holdings are available to Harvard and MIT affiliates only.]
  • Hellenistic Greek Linguistics Page (U. Western Australia, Australia)
    [Hellenistic Greek was the dialect of Greek spoken between 300 B.C. and 600 A.D. In particular, it was the language of the New Testament. These pages provide the premier resource for the scholarly study of the Hellenistic Greek language.]
  • Historians, Index of Resources for
    [The index consists of a single large file (approximately 215 Kb) offering about 2400 connections arranged alphabetically by subject and name.]
  • Historical Archive - Kennedy Space Center (NASA, USA)
    [Information on the history of space exploration, with a link to the NASA site.]
  • Historical Text Archive - HTA (Mississippi State U., USA )
    [The HTA provides both original material, links to other sites, and electronic reprints of books. It is organized by geography/nations and topics.]
  • History and Historiography (Carnegie Mellon U., USA)
    [An alphabetically-organized list of links. Part of the English Server.]
  • Holocaust Site at The Mining Company (USA)
    [Weekly articles about the Holocaust, annotated links for research and education, a comprehensive timeline and glossary, and more. Searchable by keyword.]
  • Hoover Institution on War, Revolution, and Peace (Stanford U., USA)
    [The Institution began as a specialized collection of documents on the causes and consequences of World War I, but grew to encompass one of the largest archives and most complete libraries in the world on economic, political, and social change in the twentieth century as well as the site of one of the first "think tanks" in the USA.]
  • Human Communication Research Centre (UK)
    [HCRC is an Interdisciplinary Research Centre with 14 senior staff based at the Universities of Edinburgh and Glasgow. They are seconded from the Departments of Cognitive Science, Artificial Intelligence, Linguistics and Psychology at Edinburgh, and from the Departments of Psychology at Glasgow and Durham Universities. When people communicate, they process vast quantities of information. To understand better how this happens, HCRC supports research on spoken and written language as well as communication in other media - visual, graphical and computer-based.]
  • Human Dimensions Research and Global Environmental Change (CIESIN, USA)
    [The introduction to Stern, Young, and Druckman's report on Global Environmental Change: Exploring the Human Dimensions. Other thematic papers on environmental issues. Some data-bases at the site are available for sale.]
  • Humanites and Social Sciences Federation of Canada (Canada)
    [The Humanities and Social Sciences Federation of Canada promotes teaching, research, and scholarship in the humanities and social sciences. There is one class of membership with members that comprise learned societies, universities and colleges.]
  • Humanities Computing Unit - HCU (Oxford U., UK)
    [The Humanities Computing Unit (HCU) has a number of components linked from the site: the Centre for Humanities Computing (CHC); the CTI Centre for Textual Studies; the Oxford Text Archive(OTA); and the British National Corpus (BNC).]
  • Humanities Division Web Page (U. California at Santa Cruz, USA)
    [Information of local academic interest - departments, programs, divisions, colleges.]
  • Humanities HUB
    [List of links and keyword searchable data-base for online humanities and social science reference sources.]
  • HUMBUL Gateway - International Resources for the Humanities (Oxford U., UK)
    [Internet information gateway for the following topics: Anthropology; Archaeology; Classics; Electronic Text Centres, Text Archives, and Literature; Film, Drama, and Media Studies; History; Hypermedia and Multimedia; Language and Linguistics; Medieval Studies; Music; Philosophy; Religious Studies; Visual Arts, Art History, Museums and Exhibitions.]
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  • Indigenous Peoples' Information (FWDP, USA)
    [A part of the Fourth World Documentation Project, an online library of texts which record and preserve the struggle of native peoples to regain a place in the international community.]
  • INFOMINE - Social Sciences, Humanities, General Reference (U. California at Riverside, USA)
    [INFOMINE facilitates access to internet resources of scholarly use in the Humanities, Social Sciences, Business, Education, News, General Reference and Library Sciences. It is comprehensive in many areas within these disciplines. The file contains over 900 resources incuding electronic text archives and electronic journals as well as online subject guides, databases and reference resources. Keyword searchable.]
  • Informal Credit Markets (Tokyo Inst. of Technology, Japan)
    [Part of the WWW Virtual Library on Microcredit. Maintained by Hari Srinivas. Searchable site. Current workshop and training information, excellent links.]
  • Initiative on Conflict Resolution and Ethnicity - INCORE (United Nations U. and U. of Ulster, UK)
    [The first edition of the INCORE guide to internet sources on conflict and ethnicity in Kashmir as well as updated second editions of country guides to India and Pakistan are now available. These and similar guides provide information about internet resources on conflict and ethnicity specific to particular countries. They are intended to serve not only academic researchers but also policy-makers and practitioners in mediation. The INCORE Internet Service has strong links with CAIN, (Conflict Archive on the Internet), which provides information about conflict in Northern Ireland.]
  • Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities (U. Virginia, USA)
    [IATH's goal is to explore and expand the potential of information technology as a tool for humanities research. It supports Fellows with consulting, technical support, applications programming, and networked publishing facilities; and it engages in collaborative projects with others who are interested in the intersection of computers and cultural heritage.]
  • Institute for Business and Professional Ethics (DePaul U., USA)
    [A research and teaching institute which coordinates degree program for academic students, with special emphasis on generating conscience-based action in business.]
  • Institute for Fiscal Studies (UK)
    [The IFS is a politically independent centre of policy research. It is a registered charity, financed by corporate donation, the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), private foundations, research sponsorship and individual members. It aims to bridge the gap between policy-makers and academics in interpreting policy issues.]
  • Institute for Mathematical Behavioral Sciences (U. of California at Irvine, USA)
    [A specialized research center to facilitate interaction and common research goals among scientists whose purpose is to precisely formulate and test theories of human behavior.]
  • Institute of Netherlands History (The Royal Library, Netherlands)
    [The ING is part of the Foundation for History, Archaeology and Art History that comes under the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). Its aim is mainly the revealing and presentation of historical source-material, as well as the publication of biographical sourcebooks like the Dictionary of Dutch Biography and other apparatuses for historical research.]
  • Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology (Oxford U., UK)
    [The site offers information about staff and programmes of the ISCA, current and recent web projects, links to other anthropological web sites, a small archive of pages relating to projects no longer under development, and links to other Oxford sites. Supported by the Bodleian Library and maintained by Marcus Banks.]
  • Institute of Social Science (U. Tokyo, Japan)
    [Information about staff, research, publications of the Institute.]
  • Institutional Reform and the Informal Sector - IRIS (U. Maryland, USA)
    [IRIS is a research and consulting unit that serves as a resource to USAID for providing advisory and implementation services for restructuring market institutions in developing countries.]
  • International Affairs Resources (Elizabethtown College, USA)
    [A component part of the World Wide Web Virtual Library, International Affairs Resources offers over 1400 annotated links in many areas of international affairs. It is frequently maintained, and should be of use to journalists, researchers, professors, and students, among others. It has received recommendations from several Internet academic organizations, including CHOICE Magazine and the Argus Clearinghouse. Maintained by Professor Wayne A. Selcher.]
  • International Bibliography of the Social Sciences - IBSS (London School of Economics, UK)
    [Set up by the International Committee for Social Science Information and Documentation under the auspices of UNESCO, IBSS as been compiling social science bibliographies since 1952, and can provide online and CD-ROM electronic access to over 680,000 references to journal articles, book reviews, books, and selected chapters from books. The service is free to members of UK higher education institutions which are funded by the Higher Education Funding Councils.]
  • International Development Research Center (IDRC, Canada)
    [The IDRC is a public corporation created by the Canadian government to help communities in the developing world find solutions to social, economic, and environmental problems through research.]
  • International Institute for Sustainable Development (ISSD, Canada)
    [The site, called Linkages, is an electronic clearing-house for information on past and upcoming international meetings related to environment and development.]
  • International Relations and Security Network [ISN]
    [A project at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zürich (=ETH or Eidgenössiche Technische Hochschule).]
  • International Studies Graduate Institute (IUHEI, Switzerland)
    [Information about the Institute, founded in 1927 and devoted to teaching and scientific research in contemporary international relations. Fields of study include Law, Economics, International History and Politics and Political Science. It is closely connected with (but independent of) the University of Geneva and is located in Geneva, Switzerland.]
  • International Trade Law Monitor (U. Tromsoe, Norway)
    [Topically organized and searchable resources on international law, especially commercial.]
  • Internet ArtResources (USA)
    [Resources for artists and art-lovers and about art-related commerce and exhibits from Ferguson Taylor Group. Claims to be the largest searchable online database of information on the visual arts.]
  • Internet Crossroads in the Social Sciences (U. Wisconsin, USA)
    [A guide to Social Science data available on the Internet, developed in 1994 and maintained by librarians at the Data and Program Library Service at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA. Hyperlinks with careful annotations denoting content, quality, and other relevant clues are arranged by subject area and type of resource. A new image-map interface brings the user to their resource category and subject area with one click. The intended users for this guide are Social Science researchers looking for data upon which to conduct secondary analysis.]
  • Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research - ICPSR U. Michigan, USA)
    [Located within the Institute for Social Research at the U. of Michigan, ICPSR is a membership-based, not-for-profit organization serving member colleges and universities in the US and abroad. It provides access to the world's largest archive of computerized social science data, training facilities for the study of quantitative social analysis techniques, resources for social scientists using advanced computer technologies.]
  • ISWorldNet
    [Intends to provide information management scholars and practitioners with a single entry point to resources related to information systems technology and promote the development of an international information infrastructure that will dramatically improve the world's ability to use information systems for creating, disseminating, and applying knowledge.]
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  • Jerusalem Mosaic (Hebrew U., Israel)
    [A virtual tour of the city of Jerusalem.]
  • Jewishnet - Global Jewish Information Server
    [Links to sites of Jewish and Israeli interest, including FTP and mailing lists.]
  • Judaism and Jewish Resources (USA)
    [Shamash Project, an extensive set of links.]
  • Joint Research Centre, European Commission (EU)
    [JRC's mission is to promote and carry out customer-driven research in support of European Union (EU) policies, and to respond competitively to the real-world needs of its customers, who include the Commission itself, Member States, private research laboratories and European industry.]
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  • Kelsey On-Line (U. Michigan, USA)
    [Site for the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology, specializing in classical Greco-Roman and Near Eastern art.]
  • KooriNet (U. of Sydney, Australia)
    [Part of a strategy for building an indigenous Australian cybercommunity.]

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