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  • Language, University Centre for Computer Corpus Research on (Lancaster U., UK)
    [A research centre that specializes in the automatic or computer-aided analysis of large bodies of naturally-occurring language (`corpora'). They have a record of achievement of more than twenty years as pioneers in this field, and claim to be at the leading edge of computer corpus construction and analysis.]
  • Language and Linguistics (Carnegie Mellon U., USA)
    [An alphabetical short list of topical links. Part of The English Server.]
  • Leading Social Sciences Gophers (Australian National U., Australia)
    [Somewhat dated but still useful topical links to various gopher files worldwide.]
  • Legal Information Institute (Cornell U., USA)
    [The site offers a collection of recent and historic Supreme Court decisions, hypertext versions of the US Code, US Constitution, Federal Rules of Evidence and Civil Procedure, recent opinions of the New York Court of Appeals and commentary on them, as well as US federal, state, foreign and international materials. E-mail address directory of faculty and staff at US law schools and contact information on other people and organizations in the field of law. It is host to the Cornell Law Review, and offers information about Cornell Law School and the Cornell Law Library.]
  • Literary Resources on the Net (U. Pennsylvania, USA)
    [Topically organized and keyword searchable links to resources for study of literature. Maintained by Jack Lynch.]
  • Louvre (Dir. des Musees de France, France)
    [Site for one of the world's finest museums.]
  • Library of Congress (USA)
    [Large, searchable site of the US national library, providing library, exhibits, and research resources.]
  • London School of Economics and Political Science (UK)
    [LSE academic and research information, British Library of Political and Economic Science, and links with "New on the Net this Week" selections.]
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  • Management Information Systems Research Center (U. Minnesota, USA)
    [The MISR Center promotes research in MIS topics and seeks to bridge the gap between corporate and academic MIS worlds. It is also home to the research journal MIS Quarterly, as well as a Working Paper Series which features preliminary publication of major research conducted by MIS faculty and graduate students.]
  • Mannheim Centre for European Social Research - MZES (U. Mannheim, Germany)
    [Local academic institutional information, newsletter, etc. Also EURODATA Research Archive which supports comparative European research at the MZES. The archive covers all of Europe and focuses on socio-economic and political data at the national and regional level.]
  • Manx Gaelic Language and Manx Studies Page (Oxford U., UK)
    [Manx Gaelic passed into oblivion as a native spoken language on the 24 December 1974 with the death of Edward (`Ned') Maddrell, the last reputed native speaker of the language. All files at this site are being converted to PDF format which requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.]
  • Map Collection, Perry-Castaneda Library (U. Texas, USA)
    [A major map collection, supported by the U. of Texas in conjunction with the CIA, that provides many maps online.]
  • Max-Planck-Institut für Gesellschaftsforschung - MPIfG (MPIfG,Germany)
    [The Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies, a member institute of the Max Planck Society, is devoted to basic research in the social sciences. Its work focusses on the governance of advanced industrial societies in the face of internationalization and economic globalization.]
  • Medieval Studies Text, Image, and Archival Databases (Georgetown U., USA)
    [Part of the Labyrinth: Resources for Medieval Studies mega-site.]
  • Mexican Politics, Documents on (U. Waterloo, Canada)
    [Archive of academic papers for scholarly research. Most of the materials are copyright and can only be distributed under very limited circumstances. Links to documents on Mexican politics, social issues. Edited by Alex López-Ortiz.]
  • Millennium Watch Institute (USA)
    [Reviews of ephemeral millenarian material from more than 1200 sources worldwide.]
  • Moscow Libertarium (Russia)
    [A site to support studies of liberal economy, politics and art at the Institute for Commercial Engineering in Moscow. Papers in Russian and in English.]
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  • National Archives and Records Administration - NARA (USA)
    [NARA is the government agency responsible for overseeing the management of the records of the US federal government. NARA ensures ready access to essential evidence that documents the rights of American citizens, the actions of federal officials, and the US national experience.]
  • National Centre for Australian Studies (Monash U., Australia)
    [Information on courses, exhibitions, and areas of research offered at the National Centre. Online Education files include Introduction to Tourism. Democracy and Nation and Post-War Australian Politics are under preparation.]
  • National Centre for Development Studies (Australian National U., Australia)
    [The Centre acts as an independent research body for the Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID) from which it receives substantial funding. The overall research agenda of the Centre is demand oriented, often in response to AusAID’s needs, but also in response to other policy issues affecting Australia and the Asia-Pacific region.]
  • National Council for the Social Studies (USA)
    [Large profesional membership organization for teachers in elementary and secondary schools.]
  • National Election Studies (U. Michigan, USA)
    [The purpose of the National Election Studies (NES) is to produce high quality data on voting, public opinion, and political participation that serve the research needs of social scientists, teachers, students, and policy makers concerned with understanding the theoretical and empirical foundations of mass politics in a democratic society.]
  • National Information Services and Systems - NISS (UK)
    [A large, subject-oriented, searchable database which incorporates records from BUBL's Subject Tree, SOSIG, and UK Census data sets.]
  • National Law Net (USA)
    [Extensive links to online resources relevant to practice of law in USA. The site is sponsored by Clyde H. Wilson, Jr., ESQ., of the legal firm of Wilson, Johnson, and Jaffer in Sarasota, Florida.]
  • Native American Resources on the Internet (U. Massachusetts, USA)
    [Topically organized and keyword searchable site consisting of a large number of links. Maintained by Karen M. Strom.]
  • Native Web (USA)
    [Intends to to provide a cyber-place for Earth's indigenous peoples. Topically organized links. Complements and extends the Native American Resources site listed above.]
  • NetEc - Research in Economics
    http://netec.mcc.ac.uk/NetEc.html (Manchester U., UK)
    http://netec.ier.hit-u.ac.jp/NetEc.html (Hitotsubashi U., Japan)
    http://netec.wustl.edu/NetEc.html (Washington U. at St. Louis, USA)
    [Site offers printed working papers (BibEc), data about electronic working papers (WoPEc), code for Economics and Econometrics (CodEc), WWW resources in Economics (WebEc), select resources in Business Administration (BizEc), and Home Page Papers in Economics (HoPEc).]
  • New Social Worker Online (USA)
    [An online version of the print magazine for social work students and recent graduates. Includes full-text articles, an online career center, links to social work and job/career sites, and more.]
  • New Zealand Social Science Research Data and Information Services Centre (Massey U., NZ)
    [The New Zealand Social Research Data Archives is seeking to encourage the establishment of a New Zealand Social Science Research Clearing House. The Centre's activities (curently under development) are divided into eight sections: NZ Social Science Associations/Organisations, NZ Social Research Data Archives, NZ Social Research Information Database Services, NZ Social Research Electronic Publishing Services, NZ Social Research Electronic Lists, Gateway to Social Science Overseas, NZ Social Sciences Research and Directory Information Services, International Data Archives.]
  • Ninth Street Center (USA)
    [An electronic version of a not-for-profit volunteer organization in New York City that provides counseling and support for people who identify with gay and lesbian sexual preferences. Based on the perspectives on human nature that were developed by Paul Rosenfels, the site offers his books for sale, and makes available his articles and reviews of his work.]
  • Norbert Elias and Process Sociology (U. Sydney, Australia)
    [Internet resources on Norbert Elias and process sociology for researchers working in a variety of social sciences. Links and papers.]
  • Norwegian Social Science Data Services - NSD (Norway)
    [NSD was established in 1971 by the Norwegian Research Council for Science and the Humanities (NAVF), and is today part of The Research Council of Norway. Data collections include polling statistics from Scandanvian nations, municipal and census data, and archives on elites and organizations.]
  • Notes for the Computer Assisted Language Worker (Australian National U., Australia)
    [These (1994) notes provide general information for anyone wanting to use computers to help in working with Australian languages. It is aimed specifically at workers in language centres and field linguists who do not have great access to information about software.]
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  • Office of Social and Economic Data Analysis (U. Missouri, USA)
    [Social, demographic, and political data for the state of Missouri and USA.]
  • On-Line Books Page (Carnegie Mellon U., USA)
    [Index of more than 4000 online English works in various formats that are available free for personal, noncommercial use. The index is searchable by author and title, can be browsed by author, title, subject, or new listings. Edited by John Mark Ockerbloom.]
  • Oriental Institute (U. Chicago, USA)
    [Information about museum, its publications and research programs, images, keyword search facility.]
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  • Panel Study of US Income Dynamics (U. Michigan, USA)
    [A longitudinal survey (ongoing since 1968) of a representative sample of US individuals and the families in which they reside. The data are collected annually, and the data files contain the full span of information collected over the course of the study. PSID data can be used for cross-sectional, longitudinal, and intergenerational analysis and for studying both individuals and families.]
  • Pangea Network - Communication for Cooperation (Spain)
    [L'objectiu de Pangea no és donar accés a Internet. Pangea està orientada cap a les persones o entitats sense ànim de lucre que treballen per la pau, la justícia social, l'educació, la cooperació i el medi ambient. Qualsevol persona o empresa interessada en tenir accés a Internet ha de posar-se en contacte amb alguna de les empreses proveïdores d'Internet a Espanya.]
  • The Patrin
    [A learning resource and information center about Rromani (Gypsy) culture, history and social issues.]
  • Perseus Project (Tufts U., USA)
    [A digital library on ancient Greece and Rome. Primary and secondary texts, teaching support, and resources for study of classical Western civilization.]
  • Philosophy (Carnegie Mellon U., USA)
    [Short alphabetical list of links. Part of The English Server.]
  • Political Science in Australia (Australian National U., Australia)
    [Topically organized links: Australian Politics, International and Comparative Politics, Movements and Theories, Other Lists of Resources, and keyword search facility.]
  • Political Science Resources (U. Keele, UK)
    [A well-maintained and highly evaluated gateway to most significant resources relevant to political science, edited by Richard Kimber.]
  • Political Theory and Philosophy (Carleton U., Canada)
    [Links to online texts by classical to modern philosophers and activists who have influenced the formation of political theory.]
  • Politics and Social Sciences (U. Kärlsruhe, Germany)
    [List of links, mostly German and European.]
  • Population Research Institute (Pennsylvania State U., USA)
    [A center for interdisciplinary population research and training. Site includes a data archive.]
  • Population Studies Center - Resources on the Web (U. Michigan, USA)
    [Links to useful population, demographics, and reference resources on the web. An index for more than 150 links organized by subject and by format.]
  • PRAXIS: Resources for Social and Economic Development (U. Pennsylvania, USA)
    [PRAXIS has been designed to meet the informational needs of social work educators and students with international interests; and, other educators and students who require assistance in locating useful national and international resources on social and economic development. The site is maintained by Prof. Richard J. Estes.]
  • Primate Research Center - WRPRC (U. Wisconsin, USA)
    [WRPRC engages in fundamental research in primate biology with relevance to human and animal health. Research is pursued at molecular, cellular, systemic, whole animal and environmental levels, including projects in conservation biology. The Center maintains breeding colonies of primates and does not import from the wild.]
  • Principia Cybernetica Project (Free U. Brussels, Belgium)
    [An international organization for the purpose of computer-supported collaborative development of an evolutionary-systemic philosophy. MetaSystem Transition Theory is the name for the evolutionary world-view which PCP is developing.]
  • Project Gutenburg
    [E-text transcription project. The idealistic goal has been to complete a trillion e-text files by December 31, 2001. (10,000 x 100,000,000 = trillion).]
  • Project Runeberg - Nordic Literature and Art (Linköping U., Sweden)
    [Nordic e-text project with 170 titles currently available, data on more than 4,500 Nordic authors, and site search facility.]
  • Psych Web (USA)
    [Useful meta-site organized by topic. Maintained by Russell A. Dewey.]
  • Psychology - American Psychological Society (USA)
    [Professional society for academic and scientific research psychologists, founded in 1988, currently with nearly 15,000 members.]
  • Psychology - Canadian Psychological Association (Canada)
    [Major professional society for psychologists in Canada.]
  • Psychology Departments in Britain and Ireland (U. of Wales, Bangor)
    [Institutions are ordered alphabetically by city/town and a few entries are duplicated where other names are in common use. An attempt to list all departments offering degree level programmes in psychology, especially those approved by the British Psychological Society, regardless of departmental title.]
  • Psychology and Related Departments Worldwide (Hanover College, USA)
    [Probably the most comprehensive set of links to academic resources of this kind. Maintained by John Krantz.]
  • Public Health
    [Links to resources on public health and health promotion that are selected on the basis of a socio-political concept of health. Linked sites provide information on social, political, economic, cultural and ecological aspects of public health. No sites on behavioral change.]
  • Public Policy Assessment Society, Inc. (Australia)
    [A public-interest organization offering policy analysis and statements on topics affecting Australians, such as administrative law, the arts, civil rights, criminal law, education, land and environment, food and drugs, government, human relationships and health (including euthanasia), science and technology, and transport.]
  • Public Policy E-Mail Forum (U. Minnesota, USA)
    [PUBPOL-L is an electronic forum for professionals, graduate students, faculty, and staff in the fields of public policy, public administration, planning, and other related areas. The topics covered in posting include current public policy issues, events and conferences, research, teaching, curriculum and courses, employment and career opportunities, activities of public policy practitioners, announcements of relevant Internet resources, and other topics of interest.]
  • Purely Academic (Trinity College, Dublin)
    [Links topically organized under the headings: Humanities, Letters, Social Sciences, Engineering and System Science, Health Sciences, Science, and Other Indices.]

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