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  • Qualitative Inquiry Project (Nova U. Southeast, USA)
    [Described as "a continuing forum dedicated to the exploration of alternative and innovative analyses, methods, and metaphors, and useful resources for study and investigation of clinical experiences." Includes links for Qualitative Research Resources on the Internet.]
  • Qualitative Reasoning Research Group (U. Texas, USA)
    [The QR group does research in several areas: about the physical world (QSIM), spatial reasoning and intelligent Robotics (TOUR and SSH), and access-limited logic for knowledge representation (Algernon). The QR group is supervised by Benjamin Kuipers and is part of the Artificial Intelligence Lab and the Computer Science Department.]
  • Qualitative Research Consultants Association
    [A not-for-profit professional organization which seeks to enhance the professionalism of qualitative marketing research and social research, to promote and maintain high standards of ethics and integrity on the part of qualitative researchers, to broaden awareness and appreciation of qualitative research within the marketing research community, to provide a communications channel among members and between qualitative research consultants and others engaged in marketing and survey research.]
  • Qualitative Research in Information Systems (Auckland U., Australia)
    [The site offers information on the conduct, evaluation and publication of qualitative research.]
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  • RAND (USA)
    [A nonprofit institution that seeks to improve USA public policy through research and analysis.]
  • Reference Works (Carnegie Mellon U., USA)
    [A a short list of links to reference works on the web, provided from a sub-unit of The English Server.]
  • Religion - Center for the Study of Religion (Princeton U., USA)
    [The purpose of the Center for the Study of Religion is to encourage greater intellectual exchange and interdisciplinary scholarly studies about religion among faculty and students in the humanities and social sciences.]
  • Religious Worlds
    [A guide to web resources on religions and academic Religious Studies, including alternative and new religions.]
  • Research Resources for the Social Sciences (Canada)
    [Mega-site of links organized by various social sciences disciplines and topics. Maintained (with commercial support from McGraw-Hill Ryerson publishers) by Craig McKie of Carleton U. in Ottawa.]
  • Research Institute for the Humanities (Chinese U. of Hong Kong, HK)
    [A mega-site, with a topical directory of web links in various humanities fields: languages and literatures, history, philosophy, religious studies, fine and performing arts, computers and the humanities, etc.]
  • Resource Pages for Biblical Studies (Volda College, Norway)
    [Five sections: (1) Bible texts, translations and related texts, (2) Biblical Studies Electronically Published, (3) Aspects of the Mediterranean Social World, (4) Biblical Studies and Computer technology, (5) Philo of Alexandria Page.]
  • Resources for Economists on the Internet (Wittenberg U., USA)
    [Links to resources on the Internet of interest to academic and practicing economists, and those interested in economics. By Bill Goffe, U. of Southern Mississippi, USA.]
  • Russian Culture: Dazhdbog's Grandchildren (U. North Carolina, USA)
    [A personal web-site with a wide range of links.]
  • Russian and East European Network Information Center (U. Texas at Austin, USA)
    [Resources and links organized by nation-state. Also keyword searchable.]
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  • Sanskrit Documents Archive [ftp] (U. Kyoto, Japan)
    [Texts in the following categories: Dharma, Jyotisa, Mahabharata, Ramayana, and Pancanga.]
  • Scholarly Journals Distributed Via the World Wide Web (U. Houston, USA)
    [An alphabetically organized directory that provides links to established Web-based scholarly journals that offer access to English language article files without requiring user registration or fees.]
  • Scholarly Societies Project (U. Waterloo, Canada)
    [Pointers to sites of scholarly societies and professional associations, mainly but not exclusively in Canada.]
  • School of Social Sciences (U. of California at Irvine, USA)
    [Local academic information, links, WWW seminars.]
  • Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror on the Net
    [Links and resources on authors, books, and films.]
  • Seniors-Site - Senior Citizen's Web Site (USA)
    [A project of the Writers Consortium in Weed, California. Links and resources intended to be informative and interesting to people over 50 years of age.]
  • Shakespeare, Complete Works of William (MIT, USA)
    [The original electronic source for this server is the Complete Moby(tm) Shakespeare. Also some related resources.]
  • Shamanism USENET FAQs
    [Frequently asked questions about the phenomena and about the newsgroup at soc.religion.shamanism]
  • Sign Linguistics Resource Index (Victoria U. of Wellington, NZ)
    [A short list of links to internet resources, newsgroups, organizations, and publications about sign-language and deafness.]
  • Smithsonian Institution (USA)
    [Several museums, funding programs to support humanities and social sciences research are coordinated by this U.S. government institution.]
  • Social Data Documentation Centre - SDDC (U. Tasmania, Australia)
    [Data at the Centre includes Australian Election Study (AES) Voter Surveys, National Social Science Survey (NSSS) and International Social Science Program (ISSP) data sets, and family and lifestyle surveys.]
  • Social Science Information Resources - Guides and Query Systems (Australian National U, Australia)
    [Links to basic reference sources on the internet.]
  • Social Science Data Archives - SSDA (Australian National U., Australia)
    [Copies of all data sets acquired through its own acquisition activities or in response to requests are maintained by the Archives and are available to other interested users. If an enquirer does not know what specific data to order, he/she can contact the Archives to obtain suggestions on data held by the SSDA or elsewhere. SSDA s a member of the International Federation of Data Organisations (IFDO) through which it maintains contacts with data organisations abroad actively engaged in providing the social science community with computerised data and documentation. Links to other data archives.]
  • Social Science Data Laboratory (U. Colorado, Boulder, USA)
    [The Laboratory is operated by the departments of political science and sociology in conjunction with Computing and Network Services (CNS). It runs on a unix network and was designed to provide advanced statistical computing for students and faculty. The Lab maintains and archives datasets which are available to university-affiliated students, faculty, and staff for use in coursework and research. The Lab also has access to Lexis-Nexis, an on-line text searching resource.]
  • Social Science Information Gateway (SOSIG, Bristol U., UK)
    [An online catalogue of internet resources relevant to social science education and research. Every resource has been selected and described by a librarian or subject specialist.]
  • Social Science Informatics, Department of - SWI (U. Amsterdam, Netherlands)
    [Local academic information, FTP site, mailing lists.]
  • Social Science Information Technology - SSIT Gateway (ProGAMMA, Netherlands)
    [Founded in 1989, ProGAMMA unites the expertise of eight universities to develop and distribute innovative applications in Social Sciences Information Technology.]
  • Social Science and Public Policy Computing Center - SPC2 (U. Chicago, USA)
    [SPC2 was founded in February 1990 to provide specialized computing services to the social science community at the U. of Chicago, including current graduate students, staff, and faculty.]
  • Social Science Research (Academic Press, USA)
    [Online information about print journal for subscribers and contributors. It publishes papers devoted to quantitative social science research and methodology.]
  • Social Science Research Center Berlin - WZB (Berlin, Germany)
    [Includes the Projektgruppe "Kulturraum Internet" which deals with social and cultural aspects of internet technologies and their use.]
  • Social Science Research Network - SSRN (Austin, Texas, USA)
    [Four networks: accounting, economics, financial, and legal. Each network encourages early distribution of research results by reviewing and publishing submitted abstracts and by soliciting abstracts of top quality research papers around the world.]
  • Social Science Research Resources (U. Colorado, USA)
    [Web links potentially useful for students and researchers, provided by university social sciences departments.]
  • Social Science Research Training (U. Essex, UK)
    [A useful and detailed catalogue of training courses.]
  • Social Science Software Databank - SIByl (ProGAMMA, Netherlands)
    [SIByl, the Software Information Bank of iec ProGAMMA, contains comprehensive information on computer applications for the social and behavioral sciences. Its purpose is to prevent the duplication of programming efforts by providing scientists with a library of existing (special purpose) software. Both submitting a program description to and retrieving information from SIByl are free of charge. Each entry includes a functional description; technical and data requirements; prices; availability of manual and interface; literature references; and purchase addresses.]
  • Social Sciences Data Collection - SSDC (U. of California at San Diego, USA)
    [A collection of large numeric datafiles as well as a set of computer programs that provide easy access to them through a menu interface. The web version includes a catalog of the entire collection as well as pointers to datasets made available through the internet. Some data is restricted to UCSD only, but all users are welcome to browse through the catalog of holdings.]
  • Social Sciences, Humanities, General Reference - INFOMINE (U. of California at Riverside, USA)
    [INFOMINE facilitates access to internet resources of scholarly use in the Humanities, Social Sciences, Business, Education, News, General Reference and Library Sciences. It is comprehensive in many areas within these disciplines. The file contains over 900 resources incuding electronic text archives and electronic journals as well as online subject guides, databases and reference resources.]
  • Social Sciences in Forestry (U. Minnesota, USA)
    [A gopher server for the "Social Sciences in Forestry" annotated bibliography distributed by the Forestry Library, College of Natural Resources, U. of Minnesota. The hierarchy implemented is of the form Whole Database --> Subject Areas (43 areas) --> Publication Issues --> Citations. You can browse through the hierarchy or do full text searching for the database as a whole. At present, 49 issues (March 1985 - March 1997) have been put on-line (31503 citations). Note that the subject area name and number (see information in "About Subject Areas") are part of each citation so that either may be included in search specifications. Loans or xerox copies of publications indexed in Social Sciences in Forestry are available from the Interlibrary Loan Division, St. Paul Campus Libraries, 1984 Buford Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55108. FAX (612) 624-3733.]
  • Social Sciences Internet Resources (Western Connecticut State U., USA)
    [Interdisciplinary links as well as disciplinary ones for Anthropology, Economics, Geography, Political Science, and Sociology.]
  • Society for Information Management - SIM
    [SIM members are 2,700 senior executives who are corporate and divisional heads of information technology (IT) organizations and their management staff, leading academicians, consultants and other leaders who shape and influence the management and use of IT.]
  • Socioeconomic Data and Applications Center SEDAC (CIESIN, USA)
    [SEDAC's mission is to develop and deliver information products and services that integrate social and natural science data in ways useful for decision-making.]
  • Sociology, Department of (Australian National U., Australia)
    [Local academic information on courses, faculty, degree programs, and links.]
  • Sociology Department (Princeton U., USA)
    [Local academic information, online newsletter, links.]
  • Sociology in Switzerland (U. Zürich)
    [News of conferences, good selection of online papers, links to Institutes and Departments at Swiss Universities.]
  • SocioSite (U. Amsterdam, Netherlands)
    [Excellent topically-organized resource for sociology, maintained by Albert Benschop.]
  • SocioWeb (USA)
    [Large, topically-organized and keyword-searchable set of links and resources for sociology.]
  • Soviet Archives Exhibit (Library of Congress, USA)
    [Two main sections: "Internal Workings of the Soviet System" covers internal politics and aspects of Soviet reality that were hidden in official propaganda, and "The Soviet Union and the United States" deals with Soviet-American relations as conducted between governments, between the publics of the two countries, and between the Communist parties of the USSR and the USA.]
  • Spoken Language Systems (MIT, USA)
    [The Spoken Language Systems Group is a community of researchers and students at the MIT Laboratory for Computer Science, devoted to research that will lead to the development of interactive conversational systems. These are systems that can interact with users with natural, spoken language, in order to solve problems interactively, such as travel planning and geographic navigation. A number of projects address specific issues related to speech recognition and language understanding, including feature extraction, lexical access, new word detection, search strategies, dialogue management, and language modelling.]
  • Statistical Office of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany (Germany)
    [Basic statistical data. Very good links to other European data-base sites. In German.]
  • Statistics - National Research Center for Statistics and the Environment (U. Washington, USA)
    [A research center funded by the US Environmental Protection Agency.]
  • Stockholm School of Economics (SSE, Sweden)
    [The Stockholm School of Economics, the SSE, founded in 1909 by royal statute, is the oldest Swedish institution of university standing which offers research-based educational programs in business administration and economics. The site offers local academic information and links.]
  • Summer Institute of Linguistics - SIL (Dallas, Texas, USA)
    [Located at the International Linguistics Center, the focus of the site is the study of minority languages and cultures around the world. Academic domains represented include linguistics, anthropology, translation, literacy, language learning, and computing. The site is intended to serve SIL members and those in the general academic community.] expressed in the Linguistic Creed.
  • Survey Research Center (Princeton U., USA)
    [Survey method applied to the study of social issues, consumer research, policy analysis. The intent of the site is to supply "Everything useful on the web for the practice of survey research. Reduce clutter by featuring comprehensive sites, and fewer individual links."]
  • Swedish Social Science Data Service (Goteborg U., Sweden)
    [The Swedish data archive for machine-readable data in the social sciences and humanities.]
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  • Taoism Information Page
    [English-language resources for study of Taoist texts in translation, secondary literature, and philosophical perspectives on Taoism.]
  • Theology Department (U. Durham, UK)
    [Local academic information and a useful set of remote links.]
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  • United Nations (United Nations, USA)
    [Main WWW server for UN information, meetings, databases, etc.]
  • United Nations Development Programme - UNDP (UNDP)
    [A programme seeking sustainable human development worldwide. Site include projects, poverty clock, environment-related information, and an extensive set of links to UN and non-UN organizations that support similar projects and goals.]
  • United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Press Releases (UNESCO)
    [Press releases from 1994 through the current year available for reading or download.]
  • United States Census Bureau (USA)
    [A major governmental source for social, demographic, and economic information about the population of the USA.]
  • United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Economics and Statistics System (Cornell U., USA)
    [Nearly 300 reports and datasets from the economics agencies of the USDA. These materials cover US and international agriculture and related topics. Most reports are text files that contain time-sensitive information. Most data sets are in spreadsheet format and include time-series data that are updated yearly.]
  • United States Department of Education
    [Site offers publications, catalogs, and links to other education-oriented web pages.]
  • United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USA)
    [Information about the museum and its exhibits as well as data and opinions about the holocaust.]
  • United States Information Agency International Home Page (USA)
    [The "public relations" agency of the US government describes their site as follows: "we want to help all who wish to know more about the United States, whether it be our politics, our culture, our geography, our history or whatever. Second, we want to assist people with special interests -- scholars who are doing research on the U.S., students who may wish to study here, policy-makers who need the latest information on political and economic developments, journalists who are writing about us, businesspeople who are considering dealing with us, to name just a few. Third, we want to provide information to those who wish to participate in our cultural and educational exchanges."]
  • United States Institute of Peace (Washington, D.C., USA)
    [Eastablished in 1984 as an independent, nonpartisan federal institution created and funded by the US Congress to strengthen the nation's capacity to promote peaceful resolution of international conflict. The Institute meets its congressional mandate through programs that include grants, fellowships, conferences and workshops, library services, publications, and other educational activities. The Institute's Board of Directors is appointed by the President of the US and confirmed by the US Senate.]
  • Universal Survey of Languages (USA)
    [A demonstration project that may develop into a full-blown collaborative effort with the aim of creating a major reference work -- a general survey of the world's languages suitable for the linguistic beginner and expert alike.]
  • University of California Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation (U. California at San Diego, USA)
    [A multi-campus Research Unit encompassing nine UC campuses and two National Laboratories.]
  • University Centre for Computer Corpus Research on Language (Lancaster U., UK)
    [A research centre that specializes in the automatic or computer-aided analysis of large bodies of naturally-occurring language (`corpora'). They have a record of achievement of more than twenty years as pioneers in this field, and claim to be at the leading edge of computer corpus construction and analysis.]
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  • Virtual Institute of Caribbean Studies
    [Founded in 1997 by a group of young Caribbeanists, the Virtual Institute of Caribbean Studies (VICS) is an independent internet site which aims to stimulate, coordinate, and disseminate research on various topics relevant to the development of Caribbean peoples at home and abroad. The aim is to support academic communication about development, politics, and culture in the Caribbean by means of a discussion forum (currently under construction), a quarterly newsletter, and downloadable papers in PDF (Adobe Acrobat) format.]
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  • WWF Global Network
    [Web site of the World Wide Fund For Nature or World Wildlife Fund, an international organization that works closely with local and indigenous people to find long-term practical solutions to the over-exploitation of natural resources such as wood, fresh water, and fish.]
  • Washington Social Studies (USA)
    [Information about Washington state, its history, government and lifestyle, as well as links to U.S. History, World History, Social Studies software, research tools, student projects, museums, and topics covered by Social Studies.]
  • WebEc - World Wide Web Resources in Economics
    http://netec.wustl.edu/WebEc.html (Washington U. at St. Louis, USA)
    http://netec.mcc.ac.uk/WebEc.html (Manchester Computing, UK)
    http://www.helsinki.fi/WebEc/WebEc.html (U. Helsinki, Finland)
    [A very useful component of the major site for Economic resources developed by Lauri Saarinen at the U. of Helsinki, and mirrored elsewhere. See also the entry under Net-Ec above.]
  • West Semitic Research Project (U. of Southern California, USA)
    [The West Semitic Research Project makes ancient mss more accessible to the general public. "Over the past 15 years we have been committed to using the most advanced photographic and computer imaging techniques to document and preserve artifacts from the ancient world. In doing this we have built a vast archive of photographs which we are now making available to a wide variety of users. This Internet site is designed to provide an educational experience for students and teachers, as well as a resource for scholarly study. The educational site includes images of Dead Sea Scrolls, biblical manuscripts and ancient texts relating to the Bible, together with descriptions and informative discussions of the images. The scholarly site is an on-line catalogue of images that can be acquired for specialized research."]
  • World Art Treasures (Foundation J.E Berger, Switzerland)
    ["Thanks to the 100,000 slides belonging to the Jacques-Edouard Berger Foundation, all of them devoted to art, and including the main civilizations, such as Egypt, China, Japan, India, Europe, its purpose is to offer a different approach to art through INTERNET via the World Wide Web.]
  • World Bank Group (USA)
    [Large site providing information on aims and activities of the Group -- IBRD (International Bank for Reconstruction and Development); IDA (International Development Agency); IFC (International Finance Corporation); MIGA (Multilateral Guarantee Agency); and ICSID (International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes).]
  • World Cultures an Internet Classroom and Anthology (Washington State U., USA)
    [Heavily illustrated and documented resources on world civilizations, including selections in English translation from the literature, history, and culture of Egyptian, Hebrew, Indian, Chinese, Native American, African, and Islamic cultures.]
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  • No entries under X at present.
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  • Yahoo! (Social Science)
    [Links, most of them not annotated, from the main site of a major commercial subject-index of the WWW in California, USA.]
  • Yahoo! (Social Science Data Collections)
    [Links, most of them not annotated, from the main site of a major commercial subject-index of the WWW in California, USA.]
  • Youth Research Network - YARN (U. Melbourne, Australia)
    [Part of the Research Program of the U. of Melbourne, includes an e-mail list, research abstracts, and links.]
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  • Zooarchaeology Home Page
    [World Wide Web Virtual Library site for this topic.]
  • Sara Zupko's Cultural Studies Center (USA)
    [Well-designed, well-organized searchable site for information on theorists, critics, media, journals, and other sources on popular culture and cultural studies.]

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